• The 3 Most Valuable Diamonds EVER

     There are many expensive and valuable diamonds in the world, however, how they are ranked is often decided by how much they are sold for at auction. Well, the ones we are looking at today, are generally considered more than priceless. These diamonds will not be up for auction anytime soon, they are the most valuable diamonds ever found. 

     The Cullinan Diamond, the rough diamond weighed a staggering 3,106.75 carats. It was discovered in the Premier Mine no.2 in South Africa in 1905. It a gift for King Edwards VII on his 66th birthday. 

     It was decided that the stone would be cut to create 9 large diamonds and 96 'small' stones  It is said that the cutter, who was tasked with creating the first cut of the rough stone, passed out after making the first cleave of the rough stone.

     The 3 largest stones cut from it were used in the Crown Jewels, and are still set in to them today. The largest, The Great Star of Africa (weighing over 530 carats) is set in to the top of the Sovereign Scepter and Cross. The Second Star of Africa, weighing 317 carats, is set in to the front of the Imperial State Crown. The Lesser Star of Africa, weighing over 94 carats is set in to a brooch which the Queen wears regularly.

     Another priceless diamond is The Sancy, which weighs over 55 carats, is pale yellow in colour and is famous for belonging to famous people. Whilst the exact origin of the stone is unknown, it is suspected that the stone came from India. The Sancy is also famous for the way in which it was cut, it does not have a pavillion, it is a double rose cut, which is a very rare cut. The Sancy is now kept in Le Louvre in France, as part of the crown jewels.

     The final diamond we will be looking at is the priceless Koh-I-Nor. A notorious diamond with a very sketchy past, the Koh-I-Nor originates from India, but now resides in the British Crown Jewels. It is the history which leads to so much intrigue to this stone, and leads to many describing it as priceless. The cut stone is over 105 carats and is the hugely rare Type IIa colourless diamond, it is an oval cut.

     We will take a further look at to some more famous diamonds soon. So keep checking back for further blogs, there are many diamonds with fascinating stories that need telling!

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