• Finding the Right Diamond For You

     Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or a diamond dress ring, it is so important to find the right stone for you. When buying diamonds the four Cs are hugely important, but for each person the importance of each one will vary. For example, some find the most important aspect to be the colour, as the colour effects how white the diamond appears. Other people find the cut incredibly important, as it determines how much sparkle the diamond has. Most commonly though, the most important aspect is the weight of the stone, and therefore the size.

     Once you have an idea of what you consider the most important aspects of the stone, then it becomes easier to narrow down the search. 

     It becomes easier to eliminate stones that are not up to the standard you are looking for, and ensure that you are looking at stones which do not meet unnecessary requirements. For example, if colour was the most important factor, and you were less worried about the clarity, it would be best to prioritise stones which have a good colour, say H or above so you are concentrating on stones which are colourless or nearly colourless. It also becomes possible to then look at stones with perhaps small inclusions which will allow for a good colour at a good price. 

     Diamonds are a relatively easy stone to compare to each other, as they are graded in a very uniform way. You have at least 4 areas to compare the diamonds, 5 if we consider the price too. We try to be an transparent as possible with the details of all our diamonds.

     Whilst looking for diamond rings it is easy to be swayed by the setting the stone is currently in, however, I would suggest focusing on the diamond at first, as the setting can be altered, the diamond's characteristics cannot. This is why we offer a service to either have a handmade bespoke mount made for you or to look at other settings if you are unable to find one you like with a diamond already set in to it.

     If you have an enquiry please get in touch and we will be able to assist in sourcing and mounting a diamond for you. With our qualified gemmologist and diamond diploma graduate on our team, we are able to offer impartial advise and source stones which best suit your needs. Our talented goldsmith will be able to craft a hand made mount for you, or alternatively, we can source a pre-cast mount and have our team set the stone. Take a look at our diamond rings.

     If you are looking specifically for an engagement ring, we would recommend taking a look at our most recent blog to help with the entire proposal.

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