• Jewellery Repairs

     We offer an extensive range of jewellery repairs, however, what you may not be aware of is that we also offer renovations to jewellery and re-setting of stones. So if, for example, your engagement ring is many years old and beginning to wear out, we can look to refurbish the ring, by building up the setting / fitting a new shank / re-tipping the claws on the stones etc.

     Refurbishment allows you to keep the existing ring in one piece with all its history and provenance together, occasionally, refurbishment is not possible due to the extend of the wear on the ring and we always advise that rings which undergo extensive refurbishment are only worn occasionally.

     An alternative to refurbishment is for us to set the stones in to a brand new mount, we have a very talented Goldsmith who can hand make a bespoke mount for your stones to be set in, this option means that we can get as close in design to your original ring as possible. Alternatively, we are also able to set stones in to pre-cast mounts, this option can be a very cost effective way to keeping the original stones in a brand new setting. A big advantage of either the re-mounting options over the refurbishment, is it is a completely new ring, so the ring can be worn as often as your original.

     If you are considering having any jewellery repairs done, please pop in to us and we can take a look for you and offer impartial advise on how best to proceed.

     Here are some of the items we have made:
    Aquamarine & Diamond Ring - handmade by our Goldsmith
    Diamond 5 stone ring - pre-cast mount:
    Diamond Solitaire ring - pre-cast mount:
    We are also offer the same service on pendants:
    Diamond solitaire pendant - pre-cast mount:
    Diamond solitaire pendant - pre-cast mount:


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