• Selling Your Unwanted Gold

    Did you know we buy gold?... Well, now you do!

    We buy broken and unwanted gold items. So how does it work?

    • You bring in the pieces you would like us to make an offer on.
    • We take a look through them, either with you or we may ask for a little while to sort through them if there is numerous items.
    • We make an offer, with no fee or obligation.
    • You consider if you would like to accept it.
    • If you accept the offer, we can make payment by cheque or bank transfer or cash*

     When you pop in, please bring a form of identification with you, as we will need to see this before payment can be made. 

    At the moment the price of gold is the highest it has ever been. However, it is still incredibly changeable, therefore, any offer we make is only valid on the day we make the offer. Should you decide to take away your items for a while, we will need to go through them again to confirm either the same offer or a new one.

     Why not have a sort through and bring in any pieces you would like us to take a look at? It might be worth more than you think!

    *cash payment option may not always be available.

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